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NIC's commitment to the long-term health of our country is demonstrated through our bold investments, and surplus cash which is invested in financing tertiary education for the children of NUMSA members.

Through the Mbuyiselo Ngwenda Education Trust, NIC has empowered more than 500 youths to study at tertiary institutions of their choice in South Africa. The bursary fund offers study opportunities in diverse disciplines such as: engineering; science, economics; information, communication and technology; accounting; health and medicine; law and education. NIC's investments share some basic features. We invest own equity Rands, and those of our investors, and borrow money for the friendly acquisition of a company.

Our company remains true to its promise of the socio-economic upliftment of the NUMSA family and the people of South Africa.

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Who qualifies for our bursaries?

Only the dependants of NUMSA members and dependants of NUMSA staff who want to study fulltime at a tertiary level in South Africa.

When can I apply?

The bursary has a window period. You can apply as from May 1 through to September 30 each year.

What does the bursary cover?

Bridging courses, tuition fees, text books and on-campus residence and private residence, under certain circumstances.

How long will the fund assist the student?

A bursary contract is renewed annually, depending on the student's academic progress.

What's the primary criterion when considering bursary candidates?

The candidate's academic record must meet the entry requirements of the proposed field of study.

When does the bursary start funding the student?

The bursary is allocated for the following year, i.e., if you apply in 2009, you will be considered for financial assistance for the 2010 academic year.